CSMS Industrial Services CSMS Industrial Services

Our fabrication facilities provide us with the ability to provide a large spectrum of metal works including, but not limited to, air ventilation systems, louvers, air intake housings, roof deck replacement, gutters, downspouts, and miscellaneous metals. Presently, we serve the paper/pulp, chemical, and food industries.

CSMS Commercial Services CSMS Commercial Services

We provide custom metal profiles in all grades and gages, including galvalume and aluminum, in prefinished colors as well as copper and stainless steel. We install all major standing seam metal roof manufacturer systems and architectural metal flashings along with custom gutters and downspouts. Our metal roofing restoration crews install high quality elastomeric coatings to restore any deteriorating metal roof decks or replace structural metal decking.

CSMS Residential Services CSMS Residential Services

With its many advantages, standing seam metal roofing systems have become the preference of architects and homeowners alike. With our shear and brake capabilities, CSMS complements these systems with custom trim metals including gutters and downspouts. Our fabrication of chimney caps, windshields and spark arrestors provides a single source for your entire roof system.

CSMS CSMS Historical Restoration CSMS Historical Restoration

In partnership with both state and national park services, CSMS has provided restoration of building parts using the original copper or lead coated copper to return these details to thier intended function.